Goat cheeses

Goat cheeses with intense aromas and deep flavors

Goat cheeses are characterized by their acidity notes and their powerful but pleasant flavors. In this section, you will find the best variety of Spanish goat cheeses to delight your palate and captivate your senses.

  • Cheese made with raw goat milk. Ripened for 6 months. Gold medal at World Cheese Awards 2018.

    33,45 € *
  • Cylindrical shape, not very tall, similar to an omelette with the pleita engraved on the sides. Golden yellow color on the outside. Straw yellow cut with plenty of eyes. Slightly bitter and fruity aftertaste of the beer.

    36,30 € *
  • Cheese made from pasteurized goat milk. Acid flavor and little salty. Murcia al vino cheese Protected Designation of Origin.

    56,00 € *
  • Pasteurized goat's milk of malagueña breed. In the mouth, it has a creamy and elastic texture, pleasant and slightly salty.  It combines well with dry white wines or young red wine.

    57,75 € *
  • Raw goat's milk. 100% natural foodstuff and free from preservatives. It is an excellent cheese to combine it with many wines.

    58,00 € *
  • Pasteurized goat's milk. Its flavor is smooth and balanced, reminding the aroma of nuts. For dessert, it is ideal with quince and red fruit jam.

    60,95 € *
  • Pasteurized cow and goat's milk. This cheese has a sticky natural rind. The paste is closed with a soft texture with blue-green mould.

    62,50 € *
  • Pasteurized goat's milk. In the mouth it has a buttery and smooth savour and persistence on the palate. It combines very well with young fruity white wines and red wines reserve. Bonze medal at the World Cheese Awards 2018.

    62,95 € *
  • Pasteurized goat's milk. Pressed cheese with natural rind. It is ideal for taking it alone in a rich appetizer, to combine with tomato jam or sweet bread nuts.

    64,00 € *
  • Raw goat's milk. Its flavour is deep, spicy and robust, with an aftertaste very persistent. It combines very well with young fruity white wines and red wines reserve.

    64,50 € *