DO wines

Exquisite gourmet wines with Designation of Origin

In this section you will find the most exclusive, aromatic and elegant wines of Spanish gastronomy, protected by the best Designations of Origin that guarantee that the qualities of these wines are closely linked to the territory where it is produced.

  • Color: Raspberry-pink. Nose: Strong, clean, fragrant and notably fruity bouquet. Mouth: Light, smooth, balanced, well-structured.

    28,50 € *
  • Color: Cherry-red color. Nose: Fresh and intense bouquet to ripen fruits. Mouth: Middle-bodied taste, well structured, very tasty and lasting.

    30,00 € *
  • Color:  Yellow with shades of lemon. Nose: Clean, persistent fruity bouquet. Mouth:  Light and harmonious.

    31,00 € *
  • Color: Deep ruby red color very covered. Nose: Intense floral bouquet. Mouth: Moderate and well-balanced acidity.

    37,00 € *
  • Color: Yellow color with green-lemon reflections. Nose: Strong floral touches. Mouth: Lively and elegant. Fresh with marked acidity.

    40,00 € *
  • Color: Ruby-burgundy red and delicate brick-ocher. Nose: strong, full bouquet which is clean, fragrant, fruity and persistent. Mouth: Smooth, light almost silky texture.

    40,00 € *
  • Color: Attractive ruby-ocher color. Nose: Delicate intense bouquet. Mouth: Smooth and warm with delicate tanning.

    55,00 € *
  • Color: Ruby tones and light russet highlights wine. Nose: Ripe fruits, spices and vanilla Mouth: Perfect assembling between grape and wood. Protection of minors: This product is only available for costumers over the age of 18.

    97,00 € *