White wine

Spanish white wines with a wide range of aromas, flavors and textures

Exquisite selection of Spanish white wines of the varieties Airén, Chardonnay, Verdejo, Sauvignon Blanc… Find the one you like the most.

  • Color: Pale yellow with lemon green highlights wine. Nose: Tropical fruit, citrics and floral (rose and citronella) aroma. Mouth: Velvety and unctuous sentation. Protection of minors: This product is only available for costumers over the age of 18.

    29,00 € *
  • Color:  Yellow with shades of lemon. Nose: Clean, persistent fruity bouquet. Mouth:  Light and harmonious.

    31,00 € *
  • Color: Yellow color with green-lemon reflections. Nose: Strong floral touches. Mouth: Lively and elegant. Fresh with marked acidity.

    40,00 € *
  • Color:  Straw yellow with light greenish tones. Nose: Clean and natural of medium intensity. Mouth: Soft, light and easy to drink.

    53,00 € *
  • Color: Yellow colour, with light pale glints of straw. Nose: Good balance between the floral notes. Mouth:  Great freshness.

    61,00 € *