Spring Salt Flower First Extraction Don Diego. Pack 10 x 100 g

  • Salt flower of first extraction 100% natural.
  • High nutritional value due to its mineral composition.
  • Perfect to accompany meats, fish, vegetables and salads.
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€115.00 (tax incl.)
(€115.00 /kg)

This delicate flower of salt is the thin layer of salt crystals that forms on the surface of the brine from underground springs from the ancient Keuper Sea, also called Tethys Sea (Triassic period). They are extracted from crystallization pools located in the natural sites of Jaén (Spain).Its gastronomic and organoleptic value makes this salt, the queen of salts par excellence. It is collected according to traditional Iberian-Roman techniques and in an artisanal way. It has an unusual brightness that imitates the one of small diamonds and its aspect is humid, which offers a very pleasant sensation to the touch. The flower of spring salt also has a high nutritional value due to its composition in minerals such as iodine, iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, selenium, zinc and the lower proportion of sodium chloride, which contributes to the adequate isotonic balance of the cells.


The spring salt mines from which these unique salts come are the only Iberian salt mines that have survived to this day. This has been thanks to a salt generation tradition that has been passed from parents to children and that has remained unchanged in its artisanal production system, sustainable and respectful with the environment. Salt-making masters from Don Diego salt mines have worked for generations in the management and maintenance of the intangible heritage of the interior salt mines.


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