Iberian cereal-fed shoulder 50% Iberian breed 5.5-6.5 kg.Casalba.

Piece elaborated according to the traditional processes, respecting its long curing times in natural dryer and cellar until reaching its optimal point of maturation. Curing time 24-36 months.

Allergen free. Gluten free.

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€125.00 (tax incl.)
(€20.83 /kg)

Piece from the selection of the best raw material; traditional production, with a curing period of 24-36 months, respecting the necessary curing times in a natural drying room and cellar until it reaches optimum maturity. This process depends on the size of the piece (the larger the piece, the longer the time), the salting (the lower the salt content, the longer the time) and the type of ham (the fattier the ham, the longer the time in the drying room). Lard and oil are manually applied to each piece during the time it spends in the drying room, which protects it naturally and provides a greater variety of flavor nuances.

Made from the front end of the animal, a smaller piece than the ham, tender and with a great flavor.

The Iberian paleta de cebo de campo comes from Iberian animals (usually 50% Iberian breed) fed in freedom with grass and natural feed.

The knife cut into thin slices is the best way to taste all the nuances of this incredible shoulder. 

Allergen free. Gluten free.

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Product Details
Iberian pork shoulder, salt, preservative (E-250, E-252), dextrose.



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