Probably, when you think about jam, you imagine it spread over a toast for breakfast or as an afternoon snack. We associate this product to those moments of the day, but in fact, it can give a lot of scope in your dishes for lunches and dinners.

Jam allows us to preserve seasonal fruits and prevent them from damage by transforming them into this sweet that we like so much and we will enjoy during the whole year.

Besides fruit jams, we can also find flowers jams and vegetables jams.

Artisan Purple carrot jamAlthough we are used to associate jam with toasts, crepes or pancakes for breakfast or afternoon snack, we can use it to give sweet touches to our dishes and to create a contrast of flavors that can change a common dish into a delicatessen or a gourmet dish. Furthermore, there is a huge variety of original artisanal jams which will score even more points to your dishes.

Continue reading and we will give you some ideas about how to use jam apart from breakfast. You will surely want to try!

  • Meat with Jam: If you have never tried it, you will think it is a bit strange combination, but we ask you to open your culinary likes and give it a chance, because there are fruit jams such as orange jam, peach or apricot artisanal jams which combine well with meats like entrecote, duck thigh, beef sirloin… you can add a hint of jam to garnishes or as an additional ingredient for sauces.
  • Fish with Jam: roasted fish combines perfectly with vegetables jams such as roasted pepper jam, onion jam or tomato and garlic jam. Lemon and ginger artisanal jam also combines well with fish; it gives fish an acid and, at the same time, sweet touch which enhances its flavor.
  • Cheese with Jam: this is a more common combination; we normally serve jam to accompany fresh cheese or fried cheese, but you can also combine it with cured cheeses. In your next cheese board add some blueberries, red berries, plum, orange or strawberry artisanal jam and you will see how well they combine.
  • Ice cream and yogurt with Jam: The same way we add syrup to ice creams, you can give them a touch of flavor by adding jam. Moreover, you will get an interesting contrast of textures. You will also obtain great results if you combine natural yogurt with any kind of fruit jam and, personally, I love adding some blackberry or fig jam to cheese flan.
  • Salads with Jam: Whenever you add goat cheese or feta cheese to your salads, you can also add a trickle of jam to provide a sweet counterpoint. You can use fruity or vegetable jams; we recommend you to try purple carrot jam.
  •  Pate with Jam: If you are going to prepare pate canapés, you can add some drops of jam over it; it will provide a fresh and sweet touch and will counteract the greasy flavor.
  • Vinaigrettes with Jam: create your own bittersweet vinaigrettes by adding some jam. For instance, with raspberry jam, a bit of olive oil, orange juice, a bit of tabasco, a bit of tomato ketchup and smoked salt, you can prepare a quick and delicious homemade barbecue sauce.

Can you think of any other use for artisanal jam? We would love you to tell us.