Pistachio has its origins in the East and, together with walnuts and pine nuts, it is one of the nuts that provides more energy and fiber to our organism. Besides having a huge amount of fiber, pistachios also contain minerals, fatty acids, proteins, vitamins, antioxidants and other healthy nutrients.

In 30 g. of shelled pistachios, we find 160 calories, 3 g. of fiber, 6 g. of proteins, 11 g. of healthy fats and 0 saturated fats.

According to recent studies, eating pistachios regularly may help prevent illnesses such as diabetes. Moreover, they may help lower cholesterol, fight stress and reduce the risk of suffering heart diseases.

These are some of the benefits that pistachios can provide to our organism:

  • Reduce cholesterol and the possibility of suffering heart diseases.
  • Help prevent diabetes type II since they improve insulin resistance and reduce blood glucose levels.
  • Help control your weight and have a satiating effect, so they are a great snack.
  • Are good for eyesight and protect from the effects of sun.
  • Improve sex life and sexual desire.
  • Help regulate intestinal transit due to its high fiber content.
  • Are good for dental health due to its high phosphorus content.

In Spain there are several areas which are ideal to grow pistachios; according to some experts, the varieties of the highest quality can only be grown in some areas of Spain, Sicily and in a small area of Greece. In Castile-La Mancha and in the regions of the south of Spain, the production of pistachio is increasing, and the harvested product is of a gourmet quality.

Pistachos NazaríesIn La Gourmeta we have selected one of the best pistachios that we can find in Spain; Pistachos Nazaries only packages the highest quality products which are carefully roasted to get the best flavor and crunchy.

We also offer you a real delicatessen coming from fields of La Mancha; orange pistachios of Finca La Rosala, oven roasted in a traditional way, and made with whole cane sugar and natural orange aroma, totally recommended!

Other nuts that you can find in La Gourmeta are: Marcona almond, pecan walnuts, hazelnuts, peeled sunflower seeds, etc.

Enjoy the pleasure of eating nuts as a healthy snack at any time!