The jam has always been a classic of breakfasts. But over time, its consumption has been extended to become a delicious option to take as a snack at any time of the day.

Currently, you can find both, organic and industrial jams of different flavors:

Actually, you can make jam from almost every fruit, so the list could go on and on.

However, there are some differences between organic jams and the industrial jams we can find in the supermarket.

1 Organic jams are made with fruits without pesticides

The main advantage of the organic jams compared to the industrial ones is that the fruit used is of a higher quality. For a jam to be considered organic, the fruit used must be free of pesticides, herbicides or any other chemical agent.

That guarantees a much more natural jam than those manufactured industrially.

Nobody likes to be exposed to harmful chemical agents. For this reason, choosing an organic marmalade is a much better choice. Your health will thank you.

2 More fruit and less sugar

Sugar is a very common ingredient in jams. At first it was used as a natural preservative, so that the fruit would last longer. Nowadays, many jams have an excessive amount of sugar. This happens for 2 things:

  1. Sugar provides a pleasant and addictive sensation on the palate.

  2. Sugar is much cheaper than fruit.

Organic jams, on the other hand, have a higher percentage of fruit than sugar, making the jam much more natural and with more nutrients.

3 Decrease appetite

When you consume a jam with little fruit and a lot of sugar, you feel satiated immediately, but after a short time you get hungry again.

This happens because industrial jams have very little fiber, and after a while, your blood glucose drops suddenly and you get hungry.

However, with the organic jams, it is used much more fruit, providing the jam with more fiber. And this fiber will help us regulate intestinal transit, the absorption of other nutrients and improve our satiety.

4 More antioxidants and vitamins

The industrial jams lose many nutrients during their manufacturing process, while the organic marmalades contain more fruit, and therefore more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. So, organic jams are much more nutritious.

In addition, we can not forget one of the most important advantages of organic jams: They are delicious. Its flavor and texture are much superior to conventional jams.

If you want to try a true organic jam, here you have different flavors to choose from:

Which is your favourite?