Natural Wine is not the same as Organic Wine. We call natural wine to the one which is obtained with the minimum possible intervention in its process, from the vineyard to the bottle. However, there are neither officially regulated guidelines nor institutions that control and regulate this kind of cultivation. Conversely, in order to get an Organic Wine, there is a regulation and institutions that certify it.

For a wine to be considered as an Organic Wine it must meet the requirements that are imposed according to the norm established by the European Union in terms of Organic Agriculture; these go from cultivation guidelines to the treatment given in the wine cellars. Moreover, in some regions there are other regulatory entities that provide their own requirements.

In general terms, for a wine to be organic, it must respect the natural vineyard growth and avoid the use of fertilizers and products such as pesticides or chemical composts.

Natural organic compost may be used; many times, composts are created by using parts of the cultivation itself, biomass using shredded vine shoots, marc, etc. This helps to keep the microbial flora of the land. Other techniques may be: to use the cattle to clean the weeds while they feed and fertilize the land, to use organic canes instead of artificial ones to guide the vineyards or to place beehives close to them to improve pollination.

Among the prohibitions of the European Union there is a forbidding to burn biomass coming from vineyards, control of a low sulphites level, requirements to keep and bottle the wine, etc.

When a wine meets all these requirements, it receives a certification that identifies it as organic wine.

Is it healthier to drink Organic Wine?

When analyzing the organic cultivations, there is a greater concentration of antioxidant substances than in those cultivated without following these guidelines.

In the case of the grape, these antioxidants are called polyphenols and it has been proved that, in wines made with organic grapes, the concentration of polyphenols is practically double, so this is the reason why it is considered healthier.

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