The legacy of Al- Andalus over Spain left us a great influence on language, architecture, science, traditions, gastronomy… And one of the most important gastronomic sweets that has been maintained over the years is the fig cake.

The increase in the use of sugarcane at that time along with the large varieties of food that can be produced in Spain resulted in a very varied Andalusian pastry, where fig cake is one of the most outstanding desserts that last to the present day.

Fig cake: Traditional and exquisite

Fig cake is made from a base of figs, which are compacted and accompanied by other ingredients such as nuts. Therefore, there are many ways to make fig cakes, but all of them have in common the main ingredient, which is the fig.

Despite being called “fig cake”, it is not a traditional cake or bread. No flour of any kind is used in its preparation. Only dried figs accompanied by nuts and dressings and several spices.

It is a sweet with a lot of tradition, especially in the area of Andalusia, where it began to be elaborated to fulfill 2 goals:

  1. Keep the figs for longer.

  2. Obtain an energetic food that act as fuel for the hard work in the countryside.

With the elaboration of the fig cake, both goals were achieved. And in addition, the palate was given an unparalleled feeling.

Today, fig bread represents an important piece in Spanish cuisine and even in gourmet cuisine. We are in presence of an authentic gourmet food.

The most traditional fig cake recipes, like those you will find on our online shop are made without pigments or preservatives. Only high quality figs and almonds or nuts with a touch of cinnamon and anise seeds.

Because the ingredients of fig cake are so natural and do not contain flours, it is a good option for celiacs and athletes, because of its great energy contribution.

It can also be used as a healthy snack in breakfast, or as a dessert. It can even be used as an ingredient in other recipes such as stews and salads, to give a different and original touch to your creations.

The fig cake is therefore not only a delight for the senses but also a very complete gourmet food, very versatile and made with natural ingredients. What are you waiting to try it?