We want to make clear that Extra Virgin Olive Oil spray is the same that the one sold in a traditional glass bottle, so the benefits of the oil are the same regardless of the format. We do not expect you to replace the traditional bottles and carafes by this new spray format, we just want to show you this innovative and healthy alternative for you to know its features and the benefits it can provide.

What does the spray format consist of?

In the aerosol format, the olive oil is packed in an internal bag that isolates the oil from the packaging; it preserves its features and it does not alter its quality. When pressing the diffuser, the air compresses the bag and this makes the oil to be sprayed. It does not contain any kind of gas nor additional products, just Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

What kind of benefits does oil spray provide?

Apart from the benefits that the Extra Virgin Olive Oil has in itself, we want to mention the ones that this spray format has in particular:

  • More control in the amount of oil that you use. Each one-second spraying is equivalent to 15 calories. This allows us to be more aware of the amount of oil we are using and our meals will be less greasy and, consequently, healthier.

  • Oil is dispensed in a uniform way. With the spray, oil is spread in an equivalent way all over the dish so that you can avoid to exceed in the amount of oil and to mix it in order to distribute it well.

  • Ideal to spray frying and sauce pans. Since it is dispensed uniformly, it is perfect to spray frying pans in order to create a non-stick layer that will avoid your food to stick on it and it will be easier to clean it.

  • It gives an innovative touch to your table. You will surprise your dinner guests with this innovative and healthy format.

Have you tried Olive Oil spray?

If you have already tried Oil spray, we invite you to tell us your experience and opinions by sending us a comment.

If you have not tried it yet, La Gourmeta offers you some Extra Virgin Olive Oil Spray brands; we even have packs which contain Vinegar spray. Dare to taste it!