Gourmet sausages are a great source of proteins and vitamins. In addition, Iberian sausages are a group of foods that we know well, since they are part of the Iberian culture.

From the irresistible Iberian ham through salchichón, chorizoor Iberian acorn-fed loin. In the whole world Spain is known for these delicacies. They are delicious!

Almost everyone loves the taste of Iberian sausages. But when the time comes, we have doubts about how to preserve them. How should Iberian sausages be preserved?

How to preserve sausages

Depending on the sausage format we have, it will be better to use one technique or another to preserve the flavor and properties of the food as much as possible. A true gourmet must know how to always maintain the highest quality in their products. And therefore, know how to preserve food is essential.

How to store Iberian slices

If you have organized a small event with friends at home, and some slices of loin, chorizo or any other sausage have been left over, the most appropriate way to preserve those slices and enjoy them later, is to group them into a tower, cover them with a transparent film, and store them in the fridge.

In this way, they will be perfectly preserved, so you can take advantage of them later. Just remember to take them out of the fridge a few hours before, so they can be tempered and you can enjoy all their flavor.

How to store whole pieces of sausages

Sausage pieces should always be stored in a dry place, such as a pantry and should be as dark as possible. There should be not direct sunlight, but the place should be well ventilated.

If we have the Iberian  sausage hung, once we cut the part that we need, the rest of the piece must remain hanging, with the part started down.

That started area can be covered with a plastic, adjusted with a rubber so it does not dry.

However, if the temperature in your house is very high, keeping sausage pieces at room temperature may not be a good idea. In this case, it would be better to keep these sausages in the fridge.

How to preserve Iberian ham and shoulders

Iberian ham is one of the jewels of our cuisine, and it would be a crime to let it go bad. In addition, it is very rare that you eat a ham in a day, so you need to know how to keep it in optimum conditions.

For the preservation of the ham, it is best to cover the cut that we have made with a piece of fat, and the crust of the ham that we have removed when we started slicing it. This will prevent the ham from rusting, and to further improve its preservation, you can cover the ham with a cotton cloth.

The sausages, especially the Iberian sausages, are a key piece in our cuisine and in meetings with friends and family. Therefore, it is important to always consume the sausage in the best possible conditions. And these techniques will help you to achieve it.

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