The word gourmet has French origin (Gourmand) that can be translated into Spanish as ‘Gastrónomo’, that is, a person who is an expert on gastronomy and who is an enthusiast of exquisite meals, appreciates the flavor and nuances of foodstuffs, knows and enjoys them. Old encyclopedias define Gourmand as Refined and without control love towards food.

By associating this term to people we could say that ‘gourmets’ are those people who like well-elaborated and refined dishes.

Do you think you can define yourself as a gourmet person?

In the book Almanach des Gourmands (Almanac of Gourmands) of Grimond de la Reynière, a French gastronome of the XVIII century, the following features that define a real gourmet are mentioned: 

  • Every good gourmet must like food
  • He must enjoy the act of chewing. He must eat and chew slow, appreciating each flavor and texture nuance.
  • He must know the gastronomy of his area. To know the dishes and gastronomic traditions of his country, province, town, the best restaurants, the most famous chefs, etc.
  • He must know and be interested in foreign gastronomy. Every good gourmet has basic notions about other countries’ gastronomy; he likes learning about this topic and shows special interest in knowing the traditional meals, culinary arts, curiosities, etc.
  • A gourmet dares to try new flavors. He loves trying new dishes, new flavors, textures and emotions.
  • A gourmet has a wide opinion and he is tolerant. He must accept diversity, not to take into account just his own likes and to be impartial.
  • A gourmet is a person of a social and cultural character. He Loves spreading what he knows about food, telling curiosities, recommending products, restaurants… 

When reading this features you consider that you have some of them for sure; we all like good things and everybody can consider himself a good gourmet, it is just a matter of enjoying food, training our palate, having a minimum of curiosity, appreciating the elaboration process, etc.

Do you consider yourself a real gourmet?