High temperatures in summer set important constraints in the drinks we consume and, generally, we tend to choose refreshing beverages that are served cold or can be added ice cubes.

The heat leaves many wines out of the question and we must forget about red wines with high concentrations and even about white wine fermented and matured in barrels, as these could even cause heat ;) and could be too heavy. So

What is the best wine to have in summer?

We want to cool down, reason why the best wine to do so are those that are lighter and of stronger acidity as they can be served at lower temperatures, making sparkling and white wine highly advisable for summer.

It’s the perfect time to enjoy a cool sparkling wine, especially those of medium maturity and with hints of fruit. Put your cava and champagne in the fridge and have them ready for any given moment.

Rosé wine also is refreshing and can be taken at 9ºC or 10ºC, which is much cooler than a red wine and goes very well with the light meals we have in summer: rice, salad, fish, tapas, etc.

If you are a “red wine” type of person, but want something other than a tinto de verano (red wine mixed with soda, served typically in summer) there are other options: you can have a young red wine as they are smooth and less structured and, even though they are not very refreshing, it can be served at 13-14ºC. Forget about the idea that red wine is served at room temperature. Imagine it’s 35ºC…

Summer holidays are perfect to try wine from different areas. If you are eating out, take the opportunity to try wine from the area. Since they are local, they probably have good rotation and recent vintages, as well as pairing well with local cuisine. When ordering wine, make sure the vintage is of a previous crop and that it’s served at an appropriate temperature. Should you deem appropriate, ask for an ice bucket to keep the wine cooler for a longer period of time.

Sparkling and white wine are best kept cool until the bottle is finished and red wine is best taken when the room temperature is adequate.

At La Gourmeta we have a variety of wines that are perfect for the summer. Here they are:

organic white wine Spanish organic white wine

Organic Airen Biazu. Wine of 2015

Organic white wine made in the province of Toledo, made with 100% grapes of the Airen variety obtained from organic farming. It has a clear color with slight tones of yellow. It has a floral and fruity aroma and is smooth and light-flavored.

Organic Mureda Sauvignon Blanc. Wine of 2015

White wine made with 100% grapes of high quality Sauvignon Blanc variety. It’s a young wine of 2015 and a fresh wine, pleasant on the palate, with fruity and floral notes. It can be enjoyed as an appetizer or paired with fishmeals.