Jägermeister is one of the most popular spirits nowadays in the nightlife. But what is Jägermeister? Is not an herb liquor after all?

The fame that Jägermeister carries with it may be justified. After all, if a drink is not good, people do not consume it and if people do not consume it, the brand is not going to last much. However, it is also true that the work done by this German company in the marketing world is excellent. Who does not know Jägermeister?

On the other hand, Ibiza herbs liquor is a drink with much more history and in spite of that, it is much less known than Jägermeister, especially outside the Islands, where for many, it is still an unknown drink.

Ibiza Herb Liquor

The Ibizan tradition says that an odd number of herbs should be used to make Ibiza herbs liquor. Some people say that if you use an even number, the herbs lose their healing properties. Others simply believe that it brings bad luck. Although all this is just a legend.

You can use an odd or even number of herbs, the truth is that there is no single recipe for making Ibiza herbs liquor. Each family has its own. Originally, the families who began to make liquor with Ibizan herbs, elaborated it with the fine herbs they had near their houses. Now, the accessibility of herbs is not a problem anymore. But even so, the geographical area of the producers continues to influence the composition of the liquor. Thus, in the north of the Island of Ibiza, the herba tarongina or melissa officinalis is more commonly used, while in the southern zone the mançanella or helichrysum stoechas are more commonly used.

And that mixture of selected herbs, is left marinating, usually in sweet anise for about a year, to obtain a very aromatic herbal liquor with all the essence of the white island.

Once the Ibiza Herb is obtained, it can be used to toast in a night out with friends, or to accompany a dessert and help digest food or even at a gourmet level to create traditional recipes such as Ibizan lobster with squid and Ibiza herbs. You choose how you want to use it.

Ibiza Herb Liquor vs Jägermeister

The tradition of the Ibizan herbs faces the aggressive marketing of the Jägermeister. But, are they so different?

There will be those who prefer Jägermeister and those who prefer an Ibiza herb liquor, especially if it is made following a traditional recipe. But there is no doubt that both are a good choice. Of course, always with caution.

And you? Which one do you prefer?