Artisan beer is gaining interest in Spain with an annual growth of 33%; increasingly more and more consumers are interested in trying this different beer and this has lead to the appearance of new brewer producers that create an exclusive and artisan product that is finding its place in the gourmet market.

New brewer producers are often small vocational companies which create limited production beers, made with lots of passion, completely artisan and that are sold in a narrow geographic area.  It is usually very difficult to find this kind of beer in restaurants, bars or non-specialized shops.

The demand is increasing and, consequently, producers tend to expand the geographic zone where they sell their products. From La Gourmeta we are lucky to have the opportunity to offer you an artisan beer to which we are fond of: Malvados, the artisan beer from Castile-La Mancha.

Malvados is an artisan beer born in Ciudad Real ( Castile-La Mancha) to get a place in haute cuisine and to fight to become one of the best artisan beers of Spain.

We show you the different kinds of Malvados beer:

  • Light beer: It is a low fermentation beer (lager) golden, refreshing and light that will not leave you indifferent, ideal to taste at any moment.
  • Red beer: It is a high fermentation beer (ale) of an intense color, flavor and aroma; slightly bitter and which combines very well with cheeses and meats.
  • IPA beer: It is a high fermentation beer (ale) balanced, with an intense lupulo aroma and a high bitterness. It is the ideal beer to accompany meals of intense flavor.

Discover the pleasure of drinking a real artisan gourmet beer. You can already buy it in La Gourmeta.